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One of my favorite movies of all time is: “The Unforgiven” It starred Clint Eastwood among other greats (Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman) In a nutshell it was about a retired old west gunslinger William Munny (Eastwood) who reluctantly takes on one last job, with the help of his old partner and this new young [...]

I was on a little vacation last year and I learned a very valuable lesson from my Uncle Steve. How to disagree with someone when they are wrong. And in all fairness the other person wasn't necessarily wrong, but they definitely had differing opinions. We were sitting around a table after a round of golf [...]

Terrified of playing in front of people? Got this question yesterday. “How do you handle stage fright that effects your performance to the point that you shake while you play and lose all sense of music and timing?” Kirk Stage fright is a real thing. There is no doubt about that. Shaky hands, shaky voice, [...]

So Joe sent me an email this morning that I thought was worth sharing. If you wonder what's different about sheet music versus chords when it comes to learning piano, then you need to read what Joe has to say: "Have you ever tried reading a book one letter at a time? Let's even take [...]

I was reading last night I came across a passage that said this… …” You will never be able to have authentic communication, relationships, or conversations with another person unless you truly know and accept who you are.” That hit me like a brick. When I think about raising this little PianoFool (who will be [...]