A Groundbreaking Step By Step Piano Program Showing You How To Play Effortlessly By Ear, With Both Hands, With Songs You Love In 30 Days or Less… Guaranteed.

Practicing 10-15 minutes per day, you will never need to read sheet music, learn complicated scales, or practice boring songs. Regardless of your natural talent (or lack of), previous experience, or past failures, after completing the Layer Method of Piano you will confidently call yourself of "Piano Player."


  • The M&M Method video shows you how one simple hand position will take years off your learning curve of playing piano
  • You will also receive..
  • PianoFool’s Crucial Chord Chart, eliminating guesswork on what chords are really important to play most any song.

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The revolutionary Layer Method Of Piano Program has shown 1000’s of people across the globe how to finally play piano with both hands like they have always dreamed. No sheet music, no scales, no problem!

Free Step by Step Course: 8 Simple Steps To Play Any Song

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You are the BEST!! Thank you so much for the incredibly quick response. Because of you and your wonderful “learn to play” method, I have gone from knowing absolutely nothing about playing the piano, to a confident, and solid “jamming” player with local musicians!!!!

Elaine Paradis

I have just started using your first program and I believe it is the best one I’ve ever come across. I’ve been trying to learn to play the piano for 10 years without much success. I went to a number of teachers and bought a number of on-line courses, but nothing seemed to work for me. I think you have the answer I’ve been looking for.The way it is structured in the “Layer Method” is absolutely brilliant.

William Thomas

All my life I wanted to learn to play the piano and several times I started lessons. But it actually never brought me the joy that I expected. Also, I was visiting 30 to 50 countries a year as a tv-host and professional race driver, my calendar never allowed me to plan my lessons regularly. Then I discovered Pianofool“, which presented the perfect solution. An efficient method to learn to play the piano, step by step, without difficult theory to learn. I got even more enthusiastic when I found out Tim reads and answers all the emails personally. For me it was important to know, that “Pianofool” is not some big company with just a marketing strategy. Tim is someone who really cares for his students. Now my race career is ending soon, I started my own theater show and play live on stage. My progressions are just amazing! I know this all sounds like a commercial, but I’m just writing how it is. Pianofool helps me to live my dream. Thanks Tim!

Martin Utberg,Host , Top Speed TV

I have already completed your piano course. It was more than I thought possible. Started in April and now I’m playing a lot of songs. Adding more every day. Still learning cords etc. and loving it. Thanks for making the impossible possible. Thanks again!

Nola Briggs