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So what really is the PianoFool’s “Layer Method of piano”?

Well let me break it down for ya… Like the fool that I am.  Lol

Pianofool’s Layer Method is a step by step program that teaches you how to play piano by layering or placing skills on top of each other within the context of songs you love or at least know.   Maybe that is a bit wordy.

So Check it out.  You see every song in the world is pretty much the same when you break it down into itsby bitsy pieces.  Every song has

A Verse


Bridge (maybe or maybe not)

Intro (maybe or maybe not)

Outro (maybe or maybe not)

And within each of these parts you have a chord pattern that repeats itself. You have a left hand and a right hand pattern that repeats itself .  You maybe have an intro or bridge pattern that repeats itself.  A chorus pattern that once again repeats itself. Maybe a little riffy, melody thing that repeats itself.  That repeats itself , that repeats itself…  STOP..

Point being..Everything repeats itself in music and if you learn one thing you most likely know 33% of most songs.  Guess what happens when you learn two little layers like a verse and a chorus?  That’s like 66% and on and on.

What the “Layer Method Of Learning” teaches you to do is to take each part and layer the components on top of each other to form the whole.  If you don’t quite get what I am saying do not worry.  What you need to know is that the Layer Method breaks this down for you so you learn not just a song but bunches of skills within learning that song.  Then all we do is repeat process with a different song adding different skills.  Piece of cake.  And because I am not the smartest guy in the library I give you exact step by step, day by day instructions on what to do so it takes all the guesswork out and you NEVER feel overwhelmed.  I refuse to make my students sift through mountains of information to find what they need to succeed.  I give it to you at the exact right time and in order without you having to guess.

By learning the “Layer Method Of Piano” you not only learn how to play songs quicker, you learn how to play the piano quicker. Every song teaches you something a little different which carries into your piano education and your learning curve goes ballistic! Its so much fun…

You no longer will have to play the dreaded “SCALES” for hours! There will be a point in time that you choose to practice scales because you will want to add a scale here and there to match the song you are learning and it will be fun!! Not boring!!

And when you choose to add some theory ,or as we call it in Pianofool’s world (Principles),to your piano education.. YOU WILL ACTUALLY enjoy it because it is now in context to what you already know.  Think of it like this…

When you were born, and you were learning to speak the language of WORDS, did someone just shove a book in your face and tell you to read the page? NO, because it’s not natural and terribly confusing… so then WHY would you try and learn the language of music that way? If you want to have fun you won’t….