"You're About To Learn The Secrets I Discovered That Propelled Me From ZERO Piano skills to my first PAID Dueling Piano Show...... In LESS Than 18 Months"

"PianoFool Tim Mitchum Finally Reveals the Step-By-Step Method He Used To Learn 40 Songs In 9 Days"

You may be amazed to hear that I went from "ZERO Piano Skills to my first PAID Dueling Piano Show in less than 18 Months... And Learned 40 Songs In The Last 9 Days Of Those 18 Months" but it is true. What else is true is that you could ABSOLUTELY do the same thing!

I know what you are thinking, "I'm not a very musical person." Well let me fill you in on something, NEITHER AM I!! So don't even think for a minute that you don't have what it takes to really play the piano, because you do! I promise if I can do it, anybody can do it!

Let me explain...

Hi, My name is Tim but you can call me the "The PianoFool Guy". My first attempt at learning the piano came when I was 6 years old. I'll never forget my mom telling me that the teacher no longer wanted me in class because I didn't follow the rules. I thought maybe my mom was being nice and didn't want to tell me I wasn't smart enough to learn the piano. So I quit or got kicked out...

As the years went by I heard over and over again other people having the exact same story... It always goes like this

"I Used To Take Piano Lessons But I Quit"


Why is it so hard for people to stick around long enough to actually learn how to play the piano? I can't tell you how many times I hear from people that exact line of "I used to take lessons but I quit."

If you are one of these people I would be willing to bet that the real reason you quit was because of "BOREDOM"!!! I understand, I have been there myself. The sad thing is when we quit we end up feeling like we weren't smart enough or didn't work hard enough. But the fact is they were teaching us wrong!! Playing scales and songs we could careless about.

We should be learning using songs we love! Not songs we could care less about. I'm talking about songs you actually enjoy playing!! Ones that people have actually heard before...

So when I turned 33, I made it my mission to learn the piano... No giving up and no excuses. And in less than 18 Months I could play whatever I wanted with the secrets and methods I learned.

For the first time ever I am going to share everything I have learned about Piano Lessons, the Industry, and Why YOU will succeed!

"Traditional Piano Lessons Are Set Up For You To Fail"

Does that sound harsh?

Well I know that I will be the black sheep of the Piano Teachers Industry but I don't care. Once you realize this fact, you are free to seek out ways to succeed. Here's the simple reason why I believe this..

  • WAY MORE people fail at piano than succeed

I know that WAY MORE fail because I barely know any piano players, but I know a TON of people who tried at some point and never learned anything of value. I bet you could say the same...

I asked a professional piano player their opinion on how many people actually take lessons and go on to play the piano for life. She told me she thought 1%, maybe... Horrible. You would have a better chance becoming a professional athlete than learning piano the traditional way.

And in their defense (traditional piano teachers) it's not their fault either. They are simply repeating the teaching the way they learned it. They are the 1% who made it. We are not! Which is why learning from someone who is kind of from the other side of the tracks in the piano world is the best way to achieve actual results. Kinda like the business professor at Harvard who has never owned a business vs. the uneducated millionaire who figured out how to do it in the real world.

"Why Sheet Music Keeps You From Learning"

Well what happens when you don't have the sheet music? Simply put, you can't play anything.

Sheet music only teaches you to read what is on a page. Take that away and you become helpless.

I dated a girl who had taken 17 YEARS of piano lessons and couldn't play anything without a duffel bag full of sheet music. We would be at a party and low and behold there would be a piano. Since they all knew she spent most of her life in piano lessons they wanted to hear what she could play. Well the long and the short of it was... She could play nothing.

It was a real eye-opener for her and for me. If you can't share the gift of music with others on the spur of a moment, then what's the point? So sheet music had kept her from learning how to play the piano and only taught her how to read notes, then hit the correct keys to make whatever was on the page come out of the piano.

I don't read a lick of music but I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing. It is just in the wrong order. Its like learning to write before you learn to speak. It doesn't make any sense. Do you ever see Billy Joel or James Blunt reading sheet music?

"How A Simple Hand Position Can Take Years Off Your Learning Curve"

So this was the biggest single AHA moment I have had so far in music.

I was watching a professional piano player play one night and I noticed something... Her hands barely moved. I remember trying to learn all these different chords and my hands would be going up and down the keys and all over the place.

So I asked how she played without moving her hands so much, because I knew it had to be a lot easier than what I was trying to do. The answer... INVERTED CHORDS!

She said she was playing "INVERTED CHORDS" and by switching the finger/hand position for each chord she didn't have to move much. She then went on to tell me that it was an advanced method. I asked her why and she couldn't answer that. As far as I am concerned the only difference between ADVANCED and BEGINNER methods is in the mind. It is no harder to play inverse chords from DAY 1 than it is to ride a 3 speed versus a 12 speed bike. It is still a bike and they are still just piano keys.

"Why Piano IS The Easiest Instrument To Play"

Have you ever wondered why you see so many guitars players and very, very few piano players playing in public? Chances are you know someone who plays the guitar, heck probably more than one person! The main reason I believe this is the case is because guitar isn't made out to be SO hard to learn. With only a small percentage of people actually succeeding at piano it creates this FALSE perception that piano is hard; or you have to be super intelligent to play it. WRONG!!

The truth is that the piano is actually easier to play! And you don't have to be some super genius to excel at it!

And trust me I know because I am far from Super genius!

Its the only instrument that all of the keys on the piano represent one note and one note only. No matter how many different ways you play that key on the piano it only plays what it is. Example...If you hit a C note or key with your toe, nose, or forehead it still only plays what it is...a "C" Note. The same is true for all the other keys and they are all laid out and labeled right there in front of you and they NEVER change.

If you put your finger on a string of the guitar it changes the note from what it was without your finger on it, to whatever it is with your finger on it... Very confusing to me but I am not the smartest kid in the classroom. I hope you get my point though...

"PianoFool's Layer Method Of Learning Piano"

So after learning all the ways I didn't want to learn piano I came up with what I call the "Layer Method of Learning" Its very simple and UNBELIEVABLY effective.

The greatest thing about this method is that you can learn with any song you want! The very first song I learned using this method was "Let It Be" by the Beatles. So no matter what, you will at least be learning with songs you actually enjoy!

And I believe this is the key to wanting to practice... PLAYING SONGS YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY!

So here's the basics. Songs are made up of the following parts:

Bridge (maybe or maybe not)

And within each of these parts you have a chord pattern that repeats itself. You have a left hand and a right hand pattern. What the "Layer Method Of Learning" teaches you to do is to take each part and layer the components on top of each other to form the whole. If you're not sure of exactly what I am saying don't worry about it right now. Just think about this...

By learning the "Layer Method Of Learning" you not only learn how to play songs quicker, you learn how to play the piano quicker. Every song teaches you something a little different which carries into your piano education and your learning curve goes ballistic! Its so much fun...

You no longer will have to play the dreaded "SCALES" for hours! There will be a point in time that you choose to practice scales because you will want to add a scale here and there to match the song you are learning and it will be fun!! Not boring!!

"Remember This Is Designed For You To Succeed"

I will show you step by step how I learn any and every song I want to play. It will be like you are looking over my shoulder.

I have no doubt this will be considered the #1 course in the Piano Industry... (well at least from the students perspective, the piano teachers may be a little upset).

I can't say it enough "Don't spend a dime on any other piano lessons until you have gone through my course!" I have actually had a piano teacher ask me to lunch to tell her how I did it.

I know you might be thinking, "I really want to play the piano, but I'm not sure I could do what Tim did. I don't have hours a day to practice, or any musical ability" GOOD!!! Because you don't need either!

If you will set aside 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and trust me to teach you exactly how I "Crushed The Learning Curve Of Piano" There will be no way you won't succeed.

In fact, what will end up happening is you will start to spend 2 hours on the piano because you love it so much. I know from experience!!

"So Why Do I Care About You Anyway?"

Because I wouldn't dare let a friend, neighbor, or a family member sign up for any other type of piano lessons without getting them the information in this course. I don't want you to waste any money on piano courses designed for you to fail. Even though it only took me months what takes most YEARS, I could have learned so much quicker if I had a course like this.

I am not musically inclined nor am I some genius. I have struggled through school my whole life. But I guarantee I can play more songs than most traditionally trained piano students with 10 years or more of lessons. After 7 months I could play more than a girl I was dating who had 17 years worth of lessons. In fact, I filled in for her playing dinner music at some fancy restaurant for 3 hours after only playing for 10 months!!

It still blows my mind to this day what a waste most piano lessons and courses are.

I am tired of people paying for these courses that don't actually teach them anything of value and just take their money. They know that chances are you won't succeed and then you will feel like you weren't smart enough, blame yourself, and they never have to worry about you again. In fact you not succeeding may actually make them feel all that more important about their own abilities. HOGWASH!!!

If you buy other courses I promise you that chances are you will not have the success you desire from playing the piano. That is just simple honesty.

For the people who have a serious desire to learn and play the piano this will be the greatest course ever written. If you want to learn scales FIRST, how to read sheet music right away, and play songs like "Mary Had A Little Lamb" then this course is not for you.

Of all the courses I have tried and lessons taken this is the only one that is focused on your immediate results. Once you see all the pieces fit together you will take off on your own and never look back. All the time playing whatever you want! And if all you want to do is learn some songs to play around the house, that's awesome! But if you want to take it to the next level with getting PAID to play you can. It's all up to you.

What Pianofool Students Are Saying

I started with Piano Fool about 35 days ago. I have completed program #1 and have recently started program #2. I have done better than I thought I would. This system works. I really like the layer method. By the way, program # 2 is going better than #1 . I have really enjoyed learning learning and look forward to learning more.

Doug Craigo

Hi Tim,

My fingers are great! I am working on the rhythm now and the memorizing. And yes I am doing your method of practicing even if I'm not at the piano.

I took piano lessons as a girl and took them for years. And then over the years I would get the music out and play for a few months and put it away again. And yes I was the person who couldn't play the piano without the sheet music. I want to thank you for this method. It is easy, it is fun, and it's giving me my confidence back that I can play the piano. I intend to get lesson 2. But just am working on perfecting lesson 1 first.

Thanks again, I'm so glad I found your website!

Ottsville, Pa

I am a 51 year old mother that has always wanted to play the piano (especially for church)!

As a child my parents could not afford a piano or lessons. Finally my junior year of high school they bought a piano and I was able to take piano lessons. Timing could not have been worse. I was going to school, working a part-time job, and driving a school bus. No time for practice so after about 2 years and 3 diifferent teachers and never really learning to play anything much I gave up.

Fast forward 20+ years, my children are grown and I am blessed to still stay at home (now having plenty of practice time :o) ! I am attending a small church that deperately needs an additional pianist and someone willing to learn to play CHORDS!!! (which a lot of pianist which learned the traditional way cannot do).

I own a book that has helped me learn to play congregationals, but the desire to learn to play chords with the other musicians in an almost (band type setting) wasn't being met.

I stumbled onto PianoFool.com and knew that my prayers were answered! This program is teaching me to do exactly what I need to know to play with the other musicians! It's also wonderful not having to learn to play the melody for every single song you want to play!

Tim's program is awesome in so many ways:

  1. The price is so extremely reasonable! There is no telling how much you would pay for the individual lessons that it would take to make up the content of each of his programs.
  2. I am a visual learner (most people are). The ability to not only hear, but see what he is telling/teaching is powerful! It's also wonderful to be able to play and replay those lessons as many times as needed.
  3. Easy Steps!!! Tim breaks every lesson down into small steps instead of bombarding his students with too much information too quick.....he provides the steps and you climb at your own pace!
  4. Personal feedback. I was amazed to find that I could e-mail someone and receive personal feedback and answers to questions! Tim was even there to encourage me through the days of my sickness when I couldn't practice and was getting discouraged. I know this is the right teacher and program for me! :o)

Once I found Tim's program I knew that I had found what I needed. It is excellent and I plan to continue until I have mastered every program he offers! Due to sickness I am only on program 2, but as I feel better I plan to quickly work my way through the rest. I know I am probably leaving out something important, but maybe I will get another opportunity to share again soon.

Thanks again Tim for everything!
Diane Wells
Kinston, NC

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to thank you for the invaluable knowledge and instruction that I received from you while I went through your first program. I first purchased my Yamaha piano/keyboard almost two years ago. I was so excited to learn how to play, but didn't realize the extreme challenges I was up against. Since then I've purchased about 5 different software educational programs ranging around $50 each which required so much reading, learning about musical theory and other boring information that caused me to think learning to play the piano was hopeless.

I stashed my keyboard in the closet for about a year and just about a month ago got it back out in hopes to sell it as I wasn't using it. As I still desperately wanted to learn how to play even after all of this time, I began searching YouTube videos for anything that would allow me to learn in the easiest way possible. After I searched through hundreds of videos, I came across some of your videos and was instantly drawn to how simple and easy your methods of learning were. I purchased your program and went through the entire thing and in a week and a half I learned how to play "Let It Be" by the Beatles and I also learned all of the crucial piano chords in return.

I just can't believe I'm playing an entire song with both hands in less than two weeks! AND I know all of the crucial piano chords! I've wasted so much time, effort, energy and money on overwhelming/information-filled software programs within two years AND in two weeks, I learned how to play an entire song and everything I need to start playing like a pro!

I will definitely be getting your second program and can't imagine what I will be playing in another 2 weeks, month or even a year!

Thank you from the depths of my being.

Christopher Li

"Dear Pianofool, After attempting to learn piano the "traditional" way, and quitting after 2 years with nothing to show for my efforts, I decided to try your layer method of learning. I learned more in the getting started program than I had in 2 years of traditional teachings. After just weeks I was playing real songs, real fast, the right way with both left and right hand. Simply amazing. Thank you!"

Lewis Major

"In my mind I had absolutely no musical ability at all when I decided I wanted to learn the piano. I looked at lots of courses but chose Pianofools Program#1 because it appeared that Tim teaches piano differently. My wife about laughed me out of the house when I told her I was going to learn the piano, but I was determined to prove her wrong. I went through program #1 and by then end of 30 days I was literally playing "Let It Be" with both the right and left hand. I was surprised, my wife was surprised, and now I can honestly say I will be playing piano for the rest of my life. Tim's anti traditional approach is perfect for anyone who actually wants to learn how to play any song they want to without being bombarded with the traditional piano teaching that seems to have failed most students. If you really want to play piano, buy this program. I am living proof it works for anyone!"

Jason Polonsky

"Tim, I am writing this email to tell you that your program rocks!! I am dead serious! I have just completed the first program and can't wait to move on. The way you teach by cutting out all the traditional stuff that really kept me from learning piano in the past is awesome. I can totally see myself starting to play anything I want moving forward. I am telling everyone I know who wants to learn piano to start with you because they will not be disappointed! Thanks again for giving me the tools to actually become a piano player.

PS. I learned more in the getting started lesson than I did in a years worth of traditional lessons. I am not joking about this"

Derek Pine

"Having no prior experience with the piano, I was able to learn a song (Let it Be) within 4 weeks (I do have a few years of prior guitar experience). Being able to learn to play a song while being introduced to the piano was important as it held my interest and kept me wanting to practice. The layering method of the program was very effective in this manner.

Not only was the layering method effective in learning one song but as more songs are introduced, they become easier and easier as you build off of the previous song and notes already learned. Not being a technical player, PianoFool was a great avenue to learn technical aspects of the piano but in a way that taught me different chords and finger positions which are then built upon in learning the next song. For me it was (and is) the most effective way to both learn how to play the piano and accomplish playing a song all the way through.

PianoFool is a speedy and effective way to learn how to play and enjoy the piano."

Dennis Bailey

Hi Tim,

The first set of lessons were awesome! I am so excited to move on. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano however I am a mother of 5 and just dont have the time or money to go out and have lessons every week. I love these lessons and am so excited that I can actually play a song. You make it so easy to learn and I cant wait to learn more. Thanks so much for all of your help.

Also, I received the email with the 2nd set of lessons now. Thanks

Have a great day!

Leslie Young

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at this program of Layered Learning. My boyfriend Johnny always wanted to learn the piano, he loves all kinds of music but was little frustrated because everyone is his family was musically talented and he wasnt. I came across PianoFool and looked into it as I had a keyboard that was collecting dust because unfortunately I didnt know how to play it either except Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I let Johnny Look at it and he was like yeah right very very doubtful on how this was going to work .. I quote to you his words " No way will I be able to play that well in Thirty Days", and He was right, He didnt learn it in 30 Days, He Learned Let in Be in Less that 2 Weeks. He Practiced everyday little by little he was putting things together and I saw a light in his eyes as he practiced and practiced. He was smiling and amazed on his hands just going to the right keys at the right time no sheet music, No scales, And No Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He is playing Let it Be with the techinques he's learned with Tim's Method.

It has started a fire inside him he never knew existed. Looking Forward to the Next Level to see where it goes. All it takes is a desire to learn, Practice and doing exactly what Tim shows you in his method. So if your a little skeptical dont be, letting Tim unlock your musical talent using his methods can absolutely change your life. Thank You Piano Fool!

Sincerely Tina Pagnini ...

As a piano player for over 35 years I was somewhat skeptical of ordering a "learn how to play the piano" program that touted you don't need sheet music to learn how to play. Wow, was I surprised how wrong I was! The Pianofool is a great way for not only someone who has never played piano before to learn, but for old school piano players to learn new and beneficial techniques to enhance their piano playing abilities. I defiantly recommend this program as a fun simple way to learn how to tickle the ivories!

Kipp (Myers)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Tim,

Just to let you know...after just one day of listening and practicing I played the best I've played in a long time Sunday morning in church....its like my hands just wanted to float over the keys and I really enjoyed it for the first time in a long time....The minister said he would have paid anything to help me....I told him what you did....he said...Its a God thing....amen to that....Thank you again Tim


About once a year I pull out the keyboard and decide that I am going to get good at the piano and it lasts about 2 weeks, I don't get any better and I give it up. This past Christmas we were sitting around the living room and my daughter's boyfriend started playing some stuff on the keyboard by ear and saying he didn't read music at all. I sat there and thought I should really be able to do that. I have a pretty good musical ear, I took a few lessons (literally) as a kid and I do know how to read music and yet I get no where with it and when I watch people play I am so envious. So, I started looking on line for some basic sheet music and found a piano teaching program that would teach you how to play by ear and looked pretty promising. I went ahead and bought the book and started to go through it everyday. The great thing was I was finally learning all the chords, which no one had ever taught me or my kids.( I had also sunk a ton of money into lessons for 3 of my kids and they ended up getting no where with it either.) However, the book started to get pretty complicated with minor chords and modes, etc and I still hadn't played a single song with all of the major chords that I had just spent weeks learning.I was getting frustrated again and not even practicing everyday anymore. Then somehow I came across the Pianofool website and it too looked promising, but I was hesitant to buy another program so I asked a few questions and I watched Tim on the webinar and I agreed with everything he was saying about traditional lessons being so boring and not relevant to the kind of songs I wanted to play, so I decided I would try it. I already knew the basics and I already knew the major chords and so program 1, for me was putting it together and actually learning a simple song. I literally took me one day to learn Let It Be. I loved the teaching style of this program and simply watching the hands on the keyboard. Now I'm so anxious to get to the next song and the next and build on the chord knowledge. I am definitely someone who learns by watching and doing so this works perfectly for me. I finally feel like I am going to get somewhere with the piano.

Linda B.


My son bought me a computer. Only thing I was interested in was e-mail. It was on the e-mail I noticed your name. The 'pianofool' interested me because I had been wanting to play piano, but had no talent and was not a young person, so checked you out to see just what you were offering. You said I could play 'Let It Be' in a month. It was just too unbelievable, but I signed up for the program one. I was fascinated by the 'layering' method and the few chords to memorize. It hasn't even been a month and I am just so excited that I actually do play 'Let it Be' as you said. I am having so much fun that I am at the piano every spare moment, and even if I happen to wake in the middle of the night I jump out of bed and go play until I am tired enough to return. You have been so encouraging, and have been such a blessing to me. My daughter is coming to visit me in August and I am determined to learn more songs so I can surprise her. It just seems my life is just beginning because of your amazing 'layering' method. I can hardly wait to learn more and I have YOU to thank.

Thank you,
Betty Seagreaves

"What You WILL Learn In Program #1"

Program #1

In program#1 you will be learning the song "Let It Be" by the Beatles. The whole song EXACTLY how I play it live at any dueling piano show or regular show I do. And in the process of playing this song you will learn the following:

  • You WILL jump start your knowledge in a comprehensive "Getting Started" course teaching you the fundamentals of piano
  • You WILL learn a common chord progression that will allow you to play 1000's of songs
  • You WILL learn verse, turn around and chorus progression's
  • You WILL learn how to identify patterns in any song
  • You WILL learn a popular rhythm that you can use for 1000's of songs
  • You WILL learn inverted chords right away
  • You WILL learn how to repeat this for any song you want you learn
  • You WILL be learning all these skills through playing the song "Let It Be"

"I Want You To Succeed!!... Not Just Buy A Course And Have It Sit On Your Shelf Collecting Dust!"

I do have to make this important announcement. Very soon the cost of the course will be going up. New breakthrough programs are being developed and I'm planning on raising the price of the course to $197 because as of right now I have 100% success rate with my students with program 1!!

I have been offered over a $1000 for this course; to let someone look over my shoulder and teach them. But I am going to share all my secrets and teach you the complete Pianofool method for just $47. Why $47 you ask? Well I only want serious students who really want to learn and are willing to invest the cost of 1 night out to movie, dinner, etc.. If you were to take piano lessons you would most likely be paying anywhere from $15-$30/half hour. Paying that much once a week for a month is $120, and I guarantee you wouldn't learn anything of value in that time. In 30 days with my method you will be playing a real song start to finish.

Don't be fooled by other courses that charge more or less and promise to teach you everything about playing the piano. They are all the SAME, taught by all the same teachings.

So you can either wait until the course price goes up to $197 or you can get in on this opportunity now!

For people who are really serious about playing piano this will be the greatest course ever written. You will not need anything else.

"Its Never Too Late To Become What You Might Have Been"

Please don't be one of those people who always wish they would have done this or that. Just do it!!

I am a true believer in always going after what you want in life. Life is short and time goes so FREAKING fast. So if you want to learn the piano you must decide to take action. Otherwise, your excitement about this new opportunity will be interrupted by life. Then in 6 months you will be back here when you could have basically learned how to play as many songs as you wanted in that time.

The Typical PianoFool Student Goes Through Several Stages:
  1. Total disbelief that the PianoFool's Layer Method Of Learning is really this easy.
  2. Hesitation to tell their friends and family about their new purchase to learn piano.
  3. Questioning their decision and ability to actually learn the piano.
  4. Taking the leap of faith to start the program #1.
  5. Being highly impressed with their own results.
  6. Becoming excited about their progress and telling friends about the program.
  7. Being ignored and ridiculed by friends and family who think its just another pipe dream.
  8. After 15 days or so your friends and family start to hear you playing and are impressed and begin asking about it.
  9. After 25 - 30 days you sit down and whip out "Let it Be" and blow their minds.
  10. The same friends and family are now asking you to teach them.

...and this is not exaggerated.


"You Have Nothing To Lose"

Okay... If you are serious and you REALLY want to learn how to play the piano and check it off your bucket list of things to do in your life. And if you don't want to waste a dime on piano lessons that yield you ZERO results then this is what I am going to do for you.


"I take all the risk for you - it's impossible for you to make a mistake"

I am going to make this promise to you... When you buy program #1 for $47, complete the course, and don't find that it is the single most valuable course to take you from no piano skills to fooling everyone into thinking you have been playing for years... then you can send me an email within the first 60 days and receive a full 100% Money Back Guarantee, NO HASSLES AND NO HARD FEELINGS.

I really thought hard about this because at first I didn't think I should give a guarantee; if YOU don't guarantee you will actually put this method to use and practice. I know the information is great, guaranteed to make you a success, but if you are just a lazy person I can't do anything about it.

But I know there will be some people who will complain and say, "If it doesn't work for me then what do I do?"

Well the fact is that it may not work for some people who don't actually try it. But for those of you who are willing to take minutes a day I can almost guarantee your success.

So here is what I am going to do. Again, I'm going to give you a 100% no hassle guarantee. Complete the course and if you haven't learned anything, either from doing the course (which is impossible) or from being flat out lazy, you can say "Tim, give me my money back" and I will.

I know there is going to be a lot of people that do that and to be honest I don't really care. My focus will be on the people who saw an opportunity and took advantage of the opportunity. My focus will be on collecting more stories of how awesome it is to finally be able to play the greatest instrument in the world.

There will be a lot more success stories than failures and that is all because most people who truly want to make a change, given the right opportunity, will do it!

For every 1 person who quits the course and asks for a refund because they are too lazy to do anything but dream, 300 people will go out and make music! And I look forward to being a partner in your music endeavors.

And one more thing I am going to do for you...

For the next 100 people to sign up for this course I am going to give them a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer quickly and challenges you might be having. Sometimes it is just easier to pick up the phone than try and type out a question. So you will have my personal cell phone number to help you in any way I can. I am only doing this for the next 100 people for a very specific reason. I want to build up more testimonials and get even more feedback to make sure I refine anything that needs to be refined before I promote this program heavily.

You will also get priority to purchase all future advanced courses to make sure we continue to take your piano playing to the next level, or as far as you want to go with it! I won't leave you wanting more without giving it to you!

Sound Fair?

INSTANT ACCESS when you Claim your course now!!

Yes, Tim, I want to finally play the piano and learn how to do exactly what you did!

In program #1...

  • I WILL jump start my knowledge in a comprehensive "Getting Started" course teaching me the fundamentals of piano
  • I WILL learn a common chord progression that will allow me to play 1000's of songs
  • I WILL learn verse, turn around and chorus progression's
  • I WILL learn how to identify patterns in any song
  • I WILL learn a popular rhythm that I can use for 1000's of songs
  • I WILL learn inverted chords right away
  • I WILL learn how to repeat this for any song I want you learn
  • I WILL be learning all these skills through playing the song "Let It Be"

I also understand that...

  • I will receive program #1 containing all the secrets, methods, and strategies to CRUSH the learning curve of piano while learning "Let It Be"
  • If I am one of the next 100 to sign up I will receive a free 15 minutes phone consultation with The PianoFool himself.
  • Upon completion of the course If I am not totally satisfied within 60 days, Tim will give me 100% of my money back with no HASSLES and NO HARD FEELINGS... I have nothing to lose!
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How To Place Your Risk-Free Order

So go ahead and click on the ADD TO CART button and get started playing immediately. Your order is 100% Secure and GUARANTEED to work for you or it's FREE!

After you order you will receive an email with the log in information to PianoFools members area, so you can start learning how to crush the learning curve of piano within five minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions so it's easy! So Click the ADD TO CART button and lets get started!

Future Price $197. Your price today $47 one-time!
Questions? Email me attim@wgpoihwpianofool.com

P.S. A wise man once said, "I never regretted the choices I made, only the ones I didn't"

The worst thing in life to hear someone say is "I wish I would have........" Well you don't have to be that person when it comes to learning the piano. If it is truly something you want to do then there is only one choice to make today.

Be proactive, be positive and take action! Be doer, not a dreamer!

Future Price $197. Your price today $47 one-time!

P.P.S. Still on the fence? The fence is a terrible place to be. You spend most of your energy trying to balance yourself and never getting anything accomplished. If it seems like I am pushing you it's because I am. A measly $47 could change your life. Give up one night out this month and you can fulfill a dream.

So you can either make a decision to add something of value to your life or you can go back to dreaming about what could have been... It's up to you. What's it gonna be? If you have read this far and you still don't take advantage of this opportunity... Do yourself a favor and don't ever say the following again, "I have always wanted to learn the piano". The truth is... this is your best chance to fulfill that dream, so don't pass it up.

Future Price $197. Your price today $47 one-time!
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